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qalam.de is a non-commercial, independent website. It is operated by a team of Muslim university graduates of various social sciences, who made it their responsibility to produce scientific literature on Islam and on Islam-related topics.

Qalam is the Arabic word for pen or quill. Like in many other cultures, also in the Islamic culture the quill is a symbol of the persistent striving for knowledge, its recording, and of its passing on, as well as a symbol of spiritual and literate sophistication.

Especially after 9/11 the image of Islam has changed for the worse in western societies.
Scientific studies show that nowadays for example one third of the Germans are "hostile to Islam" and another 35% are at least "pessimistic or suspicious" of this religion. The reasons for this widespeard Islamophobia are in addition to misconduct, erratic behaviour and fanatism by some Muslims, ignorance and a diffuse half-knowledge about Islam as well as the intentionally stoked fears of Islam by the media.

´Ali Ibn Abi Talib (died in 661 AD), the fourth caliph of Islam, said: "People often hate those things which they do not know or cannot understand."

Therefore, one of our major purposes is to reduce misunderstandings about Islam and to break up fears of this religion by knowledge instruction. Knowledge is the only way to avoid a ”clash of civilizations” as prophesied by Samuel P. Huntington after the end of the cold war, and to promote, on the contrary, the peaceful dialogue of cultures and people. Even if this way is covered with many obstacles and difficulties, nevertheless, in the long run, there is no other sound alternative for the humankind.

... and may the sword be mightier than the quill in the battle,
the quill steers – nevertheless – in the end the sword!

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