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Until now, all of our books are available only in German. Here is the English description of two of them:


1. Islam - no longer a riddle. A contribution to inter-cultural understanding; Aachen 2009. Author: Dr. Samir Suleiman; (280 pages).

“Islam – no longer a riddle” gives a compact and authentic access to the self-understanding of Islam by Muslim intellectuals.
Topics as the Islamic “understanding of God”, the biography of the prophet, Islamic ethics, and teachings of practical law, as well as their textual sources are put into an overall picture that makes it possible to understand the principles, the logic, and the aims of Muslim life.

Thus the book wants to inform about Islam in an authentic manner and to contribute to the peaceful understanding of cultures.

Here is the table of contents of the book “Islam - no longer a riddle“:


Neu_Islam_Demokratie_und_Moderne 2. Islam, Democracy and Modernity. Reflections of Muslim thinkers and scholars; Aachen 2013. Author: Dr. Samir Suleiman; (197 pages).

Chances and obstacles of a political modernization of Islamic cultural areas are discussed extensively. However, often only very little is known about how this subject is dealt with by Muslim intellectuals themselves.

Therefore, and due to the fact that the so called "export of democracy" to the Muslim world by force - a contradiction in terms - must be regarded as having failed, the purpose of this book is to provide an insight into the Islamic debate on Islam, democracy and modernity. The positions of chosen thinkers, scholars and activists of the most important politically relevant trends of the Arabic-Islamic world are compared with each other.

The book not only examines questions about formal-democratic procedures but also aspects as the correlation of Islam and politics, the position of Islam towards human rights and towards the rule of law, questions about the social and the individual life as well as the fundamental issue of the flexibility of Islam in a modern and increasingly globalized world.

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